New conferences for 2023

Conferences are happening again and I'm really happy about that. And while it gives me quite a bit of FOMO to see the messages about PHP[tek] and PHPDay, and especially for EndPointCon (as I was supposed to speak there but had to cancel due to a nasty stomach flu) I'm happy to announce some new conferences where I'll be speaking.

DrupalJam Utrecht

First off, on June 1 I'm heading to Utrecht for DrupalJam, where I'll be joining the ranks of speakers amongst such names as Arnoud Engelfriet, Rick Kuipers and many more. I'll be delivering my Domain-Driven Design: The Basics talk there.

TechTuesday XXL

Then on Tuesday June 13th I'll be doing that same talk a bit more in the south of the Netherlands in Tilburg during the TechTuesday XXL. The regular TechTuesday meetups are always fun, and this XXL edition will be even more fun with, among other people, Pauline Vos also be there.

API Platform Con

Then I'll be meeting Pauline again in Lille in september, as we're both joining the ranks of speaking at API Platform Con. There I'll be doing my PHP's Kitchen Nightmares talk. Lots of fun will be had in Lille, I'm sure.

See you there?

I'm really looking forward to speaking at these events. Will I see you there?