PHP NorthWest 2015

As you may not have noticed already, I have been accepted to do the closing keynote at the fantastic PHP NorthWest 2015 conference. I am really happy to have been accepted, as this keynote is a personal message from me that I think is important to communicate. In my keynote "Developers Are Just Like Humans" I will be looking at how we as developers may have similar problems as humans and perhaps could solve them in a similar way. It is good to be aware of this.

As with previous years of PHPNW that was accepted as a speaker, I had already bought my ticket for this year's edition of PHPNW. This means I will once again be able to give my ticket to someone. I would prefer to give my ticket to someone who would not otherwise be able to attend PHPNW: A student, someone without a job or who can not otherwise afford to buy a ticket, someone who has not yet been introduced to the PHP community. Please note: I am only giving away a ticket to PHPNW; travel and hotel need to be arranged by the person getting the ticket.

Are you someone who fits the "would not otherwise be able to attend PHPNW" description? Or do you perhaps know of someone that fits the description? Send me an e-mail: with subject line PHPNW15. I will look at all the e-mails and contact the person I (random or otherwise) decide to give the ticket to.

I am looking forward to PHPNW!