Bristol UK area, you need me

Yesterday, @phpsw tweeted:

also, still looking for people to speak about testing/CI in July/August, if anyone wants to volunteer before we start searching/goading :)

I, sort of jokingly, responded with:

@phpsw if someone can give me a good reason to travel there I could ;)

I say "sort of jokingly" because:

  • I'd love to speak on the topic
  • I'd love to visit a usergroup I've never been to
  • I realize just travelling to the UK for a usergroup is expensive and a lot of effort

The discussion went on a bit more and Phil Sturgeon entered the discussion, inviting me for cider and noting we hadn't met in way too long. I agree, and I've not really tasted many ciders yet, so an expert on cider could definitely teach me a thing or two. So I asked him:

Nobody in your region in need of a 1-day consulting?

This prompted Phil to tweet out a call to anyone that may need something:

Dear the West Country: Who would like @skoop to come to their office and do some PHP/Symfony consulting on July 1st/2nd? @phpsw #php

This started out as a joke, but I seriously want to go and travel to speak at the phpsw usergroup. So here goes nothing:


I'm offering a discounted price for the company that flies me out for a single day of consulting or training. I'll happily brainstorm about your application, help you fix issues with your PHP application, give some training on PHP-related topics, review or audit your code, or just hang out at your office. My normal single day rate is ~1000 euro, but the company that agrees to fly me over to speak at phpsw will get a 50% discount. I will work for you for the day for 500 euro + whatever the cost of the flight is. Let's make this work! Interested? Tweet @skoop and @phpsw, or e-mail me: