Speaking at the International PHP Conference and SymfonyDay

SymfonyDay is becoming a nice traditional, even though it's only going into it's second year this year. With an impressive schedule it's going to be an information-filled day for the attendees. Just like last year, I'll be doing a workshop this year. This unfortunately means I will be missing the main conference track again which is a shame. For those interested in getting a ticket: Get yours with a discount now!

Then I have half a day at home only to leave for Mainz again on the 11th for International PHP Conference, who also have an awesome schedule. Slightly unexpected but nevertheless very cool, today I have been added to the schedule with two of my talks: "Would you like docs with that?" will be on documentation: Why should you document? How should you document? And what tools are available for documentation? This and more gets answered.

The documentation talk is on Wednesday, but my first speaking slot is on Tuesday. On Tuesday I will be speaking about integrating symfony and Zend Framework. I will show how easy it is NOT to restrict to a single framework, and explain why you should definitely not do so.

If you're going to either one of those conferences (or maybe to both?) I will see you there! Come and say hi!