Two new jobs in one week!

The position of Community Manager is a relatively new position inside the symfony project. It was launched last year at the SymfonyCamp at a discussion on how the community can be more active and how these contributions could be managed better. I posed the idea of a community manager, and Fabien liked the idea. Kris Wallsmith stepped forward and took the lead in filling the position. In the past (nearly a) year, he has done a very nice job, launched a few ideas and kept in touch with people.

Kris is taking on the position of Release Manager for both symfony 1.3 and symfony 1.4 though, and as such was looking to pass his Community Manager position on to someone else. I am quite honored that I was approached for the position, and I think I'll have a blast doing this. As most people are aware of by now, I am quite a fan of symfony, and also someone who likes to be involved in communities. So now, I can combine those two things in this new position!

As to what you can come to expect, this is all still a bit vague. I've had some ideas for a while already which time constraints did not allow me to work out in detail. But one thing is certain already: If you have a symfony event or community effort that you want to launch, please do get in touch with me and I'll see if I can be of assistance in any way!