New job!

The decision to work for Unet did not come easy as there are quite a few cool opportunities on the market here in the Netherlands right now (looking for one? let me know, I can point you in a few directions!). There were a few main reasons I decided to go for Unet in the end:

1) No PHP development shop
Unet is not a PHP development shop. The PHP work done at Unet is not done for external clients but for internal clients. Even though working for external clients can be fun, I've already experienced the joy of working for internal clients on shared products while working at TomTom, and have found that to be very cool. It allows you to focus on quality and ensures shorter lines of communication between "client" and developers.

2) Muchos symfony
The main project I will be working on is an internal PHP-based application which is built on symfony (1.2 at this point). Given my involvement in the symfony community and advocacy for the framework, the fact that most of the PHP work done at Unet is based on symfony is a huge plus for the company (at least to me ;) ).

All in all enough to be excited about I'd think!