Dutch user group meetings all around

With the dutch PHP usergroup we usually organize a meeting every two months. We have one or two speakers, and the possibility to talk to eachother and network a bit. Last week we had a meeting in Amersfoort and invited Lambert Beekhuis to introduce symfony to attendees. Despite an unforunate low amount of attendees, we had a lot of fun and Lambert's presentation was probably one of the best symfony introduction talks I have seen so far.

We all expected that out next meeting would be at our TestFest event in may (to be announced soon). However, talking to Lorna online, we recognized her coming to the Netherlands next week was an excellent opportunity for her to speak and for us to have her speak, so after some arranging we quickly announced another meeting!

And so I am very happy to announce (mainly for dutch developers) that next week on thursday, Lorna will be doing her Linux-Fu for PHP Developers talk in the Ibuildings office in Utrecht! If you want to attend, you'll have to be quick to register though, since we have limited space. Registering is possible through joind.in, LinkedIn and Upcoming.org.