PHPCon Italia coming up!

As I will be flying in on wednesday, I'll be missing the workshops. Quite a shame, as Sebastian's workshop on Quality Assurance in PHP looks quite interesting. I guess I'll have to catch that one elsewhere. Looking at the DPC schedule there's still one slot open... oh Cal, look what is very interesting! ;)

On thursday I'll be speaking in the first timeslot after the opening. At that point, I will be doing my myphpbusters talk about the symfony framework. I'm competing with two italian sessions, so I'm hoping enough visitors will be comfortable enough with the english language to come by. After the coffee break I would like to attend Agile development and domain driven design by Jacopo Romei. After lunch and keynote it's my turn again with my refactoring talk. Now, the rewritten talk that I've first given at the 4developers conference is one I'm quite happy with, so I'm really looking forward to giving it again. I've got some improvements lined up before doing it on thursday, which will improve it even more. It will be awesome! I am, however, competing against the likes of Sebastian Bergmann and Lars Jankowfsky, so I hope enough people will find refactoring an interesting topic :)

After my session the day is closed by three sessions in Italian, so I'll just hang out and talk to people. If you're visiting the conference, please do come by and say hi, I'm very interested in meeting people from the Italian PHP community!

On friday I'll be flying back but hopefully I'll be able to attend Lukas' keynote and maybe his session on freetext search (but I may need to leave before that one ends). I may opt out of visiting the freetext search session to not disturb the session when I have to leave, and instead maybe talk to some people at the conference.

If you're in Italy and do PHP: Come by in Rome this week. It's gonna be lots of fun!