TestFest 2009 is coming!

The Dutch PHP Usergroup has also registered itself as one of the organizers. We're currently in early planning stages but we've already committed ourselves to organize a TestFest this year together with the Belgian usergroup. Our main aim is to make this year's event bigger and better and ensure even more tests to be delivered to the PHP team. Of course, we have last year's success to defend, so we should aim high ;)

Aside from that, other user groups have already committed to organizing a TestFest and at php|tek, TestFest will also be present as part of the Hack-a-thon being organized! Matthew Turland and I are the main people responsible for that. If you're interested in this, please do contact one of us.

We're working on getting TestFest into more places as well, so it seems the TestFest virus is spreading already. If you're representing a usergroup or otherwise want to contribute to TestFest, come hang out in #phptestfest on irc.freenode.net!