Dutch Front End Special

I am quite excited about us organizing this event. This is our first step towards a full-blown conference, and I am proud of the speaker schedule we're putting together. We have speakers from Microsoft and Adobe who will go into their respective frontend and RIA technologies, Boy Baukema - the javascript expert at Ibuildings - will be talking about Javascript, and Robert Jan Verkade and Stephen Hay (Stephen Hay has unfortunately cancelled, so Robert Jan will be on his own) - who I saw with a very interesting talk at last year's pfCongrez - will give a take on HTML and CSS technologies. More on the content of the different presentations will follow as well as the actual schedule.

I think we also have an excellent deal for people interested in visiting the event: entry is free for paying members of the phpGG, and non-members are able to come for the small fee of 15 euro. For that price, they'll get a free year of membership of the phpGG thrown into the package. This deal is only available in the pre-sale. You're still able to come without a pre-sale ticket, and you will still get the same package with free membership, however the price will then be 25 euro.

I am very much looking forward to this event and know for sure that it will be an amazing event. If you're living in the Netherlands and are interested in frontend technologies, this event will be a must-attend!