My schedule for IPC'08

Monday october 27

Monday is travel-day for me. I will be travelling by train first from Utrecht to Frankfurt, and then onwards to Mainz. There is a social in the evening though which I plan on attending.

Tuesday october 28

After the opening ceremony, this will be my schedule:

- Decouple your PHP code for reusability (Fabien Potencier)
- The PHP Revolution in Business Applications (John David Roberts) PHP Design Patterns Part 2: Enterprise Patterns (Stefan Priebsch)
- Running Asynchronous Queries using ext/mysqli and mysqlnd (Ulf Wendel)
- PHP QA: PHP Test Coverage (Zoe Slattery)
- Debugging With Xdebug (Derick Rethans)

Wednesday october 29

- Seven Steps to Better PHP Code (Stefan Priebsch)
- Suhosin - Catching Vulnerabilities before they hit you (Stefan Esser)
- A different perspective on web-application security (Markus Wagner)
- Lesser Known Security Problems in PHP Applicatios (Stefan Esser)

Thursday october 30

- Document based databases: CouchDB (Kore Nordmann, Jan Lehnardt)
- PECL Exploration (Scott MacVicar) The Power of Refactoring (Stefan Koopmanschap)
- Performance Tuning MySQL (Morgen Tocker)
- Zend Framework: Past, Present and the Future (Gaylord Aulke)
- SQLite3 (Scott MacVicar)

Friday october 31

Unfortunately the enterprise-day is fully in german, but since I'm not travelling back until later in the day, I might just take a look. I know a bit of german, and unless they are speaking very fast, I can probably follow it a bit. I can't hurt to try at least :)