A good day


Today and yesterday as well I have been in Paris. I have been attending a symfony training there. As I am already experienced in the framework, I was able to help a bit with helping the other attendees. It was a nice experience, and I hope in The Netherlands we can also do symfony workshops. I really enjoyed myself.


As I announced earlier today (and I rarely post twice on the same day, so enjoy it ;) ) one of my proposals for the PHPNW conference in Manchester has been approved. This means that on November 22nd, I will be doing my "The Power of Refactoring" talk there. Excellent news if you ask me.

But to top it all...

The best news (well, it was old news to me and my fellow Ibuildings colleagues, we heard it through an internal announcement a few days ago. However now we can finally talk about it!) by far was the fact that Cal Evans, one of the people I have the most respect for in the PHP community, will (very) soon be joining Ibuildings. He will be operating from the Utrecht office, a new office that I should also become part of sooner or later (since I live quite close to Utrecht, as opposed to the Vlissingen office which is a two hour one-way drive for me). Ain't that cool or what?! I think having Cal lead the new Center of Expertise at Ibuildings will already be more than half the effort needed to make it a big success. And with the talented people we already have on board, that makes it a certain success. I am very much looking forward to be able to work with Cal. The only "downside" to this is that we now have two American employees at Ibuildings, and, it's too crazy for words, they are *both* named Cal! I'd like to be there when they get introduced to eachother ;)