Re-launching the dutch PHP usergroup activity

We're getting more active again by organizing bi-monthly meetings. The first one will take place next tuesday, september 23rd, in Amsterdam. We have a room at the Vrije Universiteit where, starting at 7:45PM, dutch (potential) professional PHP developers will be able to meet eachother, attend two presentations, enjoy some drinks, and win cool prizes!

It feels great to get the usergroup back on the road again, and our momentum is building quickly! This is in a big part to the credit of the energy and inspiration we are getting from Felix and Mike, thanks guys! During the first meeting we will have a presentation by Bert Boerland (Drupal association) on the 42 advantages of Drupal, a presentation which I'm very curious about. Also, I will myself do a presentation on the Power of Refactoring, a presentation I am less curious about obviously but will be interesting nonetheless as it will be very similar (if not the same) as the presentation I'm doing at the International PHP Conference in october.

Our next meeting will be in November, exact date to be announced during our meeting next tuesday. If you're in the Netherlands, entrance to the meeting is free to both members of the usergroup and non-members! Just register by either put yourself in the event or sending a short e-mail to us through our website. I can't wait!