- The Community Edition

With the worldwide growth of symfony, The Netherlands has not stayed behind. Usage in the Netherlands has grown, and with bigger sites like Dutch Cowboys and Kliknieuws moving to a symfony platform, I think symfony is starting to prove it's worth in the dutch web application world.

But with bigger sites moving to the platform, those are also proving the point I was trying to make with symfony *is* a platform that you can use for your applications. And with a growing number of developers using symfony in The Netherlands, it's not just advocacy that is needed, but also a central place for the community to hang out.

Which is why I started working on the next version of the site. Instead of a static one-way communication of reasons to use symfony and news, the site now offers more options for the community to interact. Besides the fact that you can now comment on newsitems, a new forum has opened, where you can ask questions (or help others), but also post job openings.

So I hereby want to invite all the dutch developers using symfony to come by and have a look. And of course, offer feedback and give input on new features you'd like to see. This is definitely not the last update of the site ;)