Ibuildings partners with PHP|Architect

Ibuildings is a very professional company, with an enormous amount of high quality developers with the right mindset. I can not think of another company in The Netherlands (and probably also the UK) that has such a wonderful team of people. Great, skilled developers, consultants, project managers. Our partnership with Zend supports the claim that Ibuildings are the PHP Professionals.

For years, I've been following PHP|architect. Their magazine, their books and lately also their trainings are quite impressive. And it's really a perfect match for Ibuildings, so it didn't really come as a surprise when I heard that Ibuildings was partnering with PHP|Architect. It really is supposed to be. It strengthens the portfolio of Ibuildings and confirms the status of being the PHP Professionals. And for PHP|Architect it gives a very good, strong presence in Europe.

Of course, looking at it from outside of Ibuildings, for instance in my role as secretary of the Dutch PHP Usergroup, I also look at this very positively. All PHP|Architect products are very high-quality, supporting the developer in gaining more knowledge of PHP and best practices. Having those products gaining a stronger presence in our region is a very positive thing. Excellent.