Dutch PHP Conference 2008 and symfony

The conference has been prepended this year with an extra day filled with workshops. On friday June 13th, there will be 4 tutorials: One on PHP Unit by Sebastian Bergmann, one on Zend Framework by Matthew Weier O'Phinney, one of Advanced PHP by my colleague Dennis-Jan Broerse, and last but definitely not least, one on symfony by none other than Fabien Potencier and myself! That's right, we'll do the tutorial together! I am pretty excited about this as this will not be some conference session, but a full-day tutorial. And I'm possibly even more excited about being able to do this together with the big man behind the symfony framework!

But aside from these tutorials, the line-up for the main conference on June 14th is awesome as well: Zeev Suraski, Marco Tabini, Sebastian Bergmann, Gaylord Aulke, Lorna Jane Mitchell, Fabien Potencier, Matthew Weier O'Phinney, Ivo Jansch and even more to be announced. That is one hell of a line-up! I am so much looking forward again to this event.