First workday, a long day

I only got back home at about 8PM, but that was because I had a car on my way back and was somehow able to avoid all traffic jams. I must've had some kind of lucky trip today. Let's hope this continues for the coming two weeks or so that I will actually be working in Vlissingen before starting to work from home.

My first impression is that Ibuildings is a pretty cool company to work for. Aside from a fantastic team of developers, they have some good ideas and are well-organized. Even though in my previous job the lack of organization was one of the challenges I really liked, it's pretty nice to again work for a company where things are already arranged in a good manner.

Today, I've already been playing a bit (or mostly reading myself into) the ATK framework that Ibuildings has been developing. At least until Ibuildings is able to get some symfony work in, I'll be assigned to a project where they use ATK and so I'll need to know it. This may result in some nice posts comparing ATK with symfony, which I may write for this weblog or for the Ibuildings weblog (or both of course). We'll see.

For now, I think I've made the right decision to make this move. Time will tell if I still feel the same way in a few weeks or months ;)