Welcome to the new Left on the Web

It's not that Textpattern is bad or anything, but it just doesn't use the coding structure that I like and am used to, and so adapting it to my wishes was a bit hard. And since finding out about symfony, the problem maintaining software is gone, since at least in my experience maintaining a symfony project is simple (at least for applications like this site ;) )

I've made some changes to the site as well. I've implemented Flickr integration using the Phlickr library (with my own custom caching... which was a bit hard to get worked into the site... I might write another post on this topic somewhere in the future) and am now also using Ma.gnolia for link management, you can see my 5 most recent links on the homepage and a slightly bigger archive in the links section of this site. It's currently used as a sort of linkdump, but the links page might end up becoming a complete archive. I'm not sure yet about this.

So yeah, there already is a bit of doubt about the site now. I've been changing quite a bit of stuff and that usually means I have 100's more ideas. But for now, I wanted to deploy this version of the site because I feel what I have here is stable enough for that. There might be some future changes/extensions though, I'm just getting started! ;)