And then there were enough events

Ever since the International PHP Conference moved away from The Netherlands, it's been quiet here for PHP-minded people. This year though, we're having a full schedule here in The Netherlands. I love it! Finally we're having lots of events on PHP. A short list.

On April 14, we had pfCongrez, a gathering of quite a few dutch PHP developers with nice sessions on MySQL. Tomorrow, April 26, iBuildings is organizing a business seminar. Though focussed on business, it's still a very nice things. This seminar might mean more penetration of PHP in the big business world On June 2nd, we at Dutch Open Projects will be organizing a PHP Seminar around the topic of PHP Frameworks. More info on this will follow soon enough :) On June 16th, iBuildings will be organizing a replacement for the International PHP Conference with their Dutch PHP Conference. And finally somewhere this year Dutch Open Projects will also organize SymfonyCamp. More on this also later.

Awesome! Finally The Netherlands can attempt to have a more tight PHP community.