Beta time

It's been a while since my last post, at least for my usual posting frequency. I've not been idling however, I've actually been quite busy.

First of all, I did something stupid, and lost all the data on my laptop. It sucks, and I felt very bad about it at first. I've lost quite a big deal of (personal) e-mail and (private) code by it, but luckily, little of my work-stuff got lost. All my work code goes into Subversion once it's slightly stable, so that means only some development code got lost. These days, I look at it as a fresh start.

The losing of some data, especially some code I'd written for various hobby projects, actually turned out into something nice. I decided to bundle the efforts for several of my planned projects into one big project. Hopefully, that will mean that when I've finished the base code of this project, I'll be able to launch three new community websites I was planning on working on. After that, I just need to extend those sites with the specific functionality I'm planning for those sites. And this time, it's all going into Subversion! ;)

Then, and probably the most important thing going on at the moment for me, is the preparing of the first beta release of Jongeren in Beeld v4.0. We've been working very hard on this for the past few months, and we're now nearing the first beta, which is due tomorrow. Version 4.0 will be a complete rewrite of the application, ditching Mambo in favor of Symfony. We're moving from a "specialized CMS" to an actual Webbased application with this. I'm very happy about the result so far. It's only a first beta, but it's quite something to have accomplished in only a few months time, with all kinds of other projects also coming in between.