Do No Harm?

I have always been a big Google fanboy. And as far as I've always known, Google had a simple policy: Do No Harm. However, it seems that they now are intending to actually Do Some Harm.

Google is sueing a polish poet group who own the domain Now, if these poets were actually using the domain to offer a similar webmail service, I'd consider Google's action justified. But since they are not, but instead just publish their poetry on the website, and 'gmail' is the acronym of the full name of the poet group, I start wondering about the reasons behind the lawsuit. This seems to be purely out of business reasons of wanting to own the gmail.* domain names. Since this poetry group was simply earlier in registering the domain, I think Google should just accept the loss and move on.

Shame. I really still feel Google is great, but I really dislike this step.