ReviewMe: Another way to earn money with your website

A while ago, I signed up for ReviewMe, just to see what would happen. I added both this website, and Electronic Music World. And yesterday, I found out it works.

An e-mail was waiting in my inbox that someone wanted something reviewed. I logged in to ReviewMe to find DJDossiers wanted me to review their site on Electronic Music World. I checked out the site, and felt I could write a review, so I accepted the review offer.

I just Published the review. I had quite a lot of fun. Usually, I review music on Electronic Music World, and so reviewing a site was a different experience, but it was fun to do.

So my conclusion: ReviewMe works. I get a bit of money, learned about a new site, played with the site to see how it worked, and wrote about how I felt. Luckily, there was no need for forced positiveness or to give them a harsh negative review, I could simply be enthousiastic about the site by checking it out: It's a nice thing they've set up for DJ's.