Silence? It seems like that lately here. There's several reasons for this. First of all, for some reason, I seem to be unable to really get inspiration on topics to write about. There are several topics that I'd love to write about (XUL, World of Warcraft, the Zend Framework, hacking (thanks to the book I'm currently reading), music (I've recently started working on some new stuff)). Lots of topics that ask for my attention, and that I'd love to give attention. But when I sit down to write about it (mostly on the train from work) I just can not find the words to actually offer something useful. And thus, I opt to not post anything at all. This may seem boring, and I realize that, but trust me, you'd be bored and annoyed by useless posts otherwise ;)

But there are more reasons. When at home, most of my time goes to Tomas, Marjolein, and World of Warcraft. Also, lately, I seem to be a bit tired (and not just because of late night gaming, because I don't do that too often). I often sleep on the trainrides to Amsterdam in the morning and also on the way back to Amersfoort in the evening. If I can stay awake enough, I read on the bus from Woudenberg to Amersfoort and from Amersfoort to Woudenberg. I'm not sure why this is. I sure hope it will pass.