There have been some changes in my life. After getting my job at TomTom, I had little time left to spend online. With 8-9 hours at work, and a total of 3 hours travelling to and from work, I had little time at home to spend online. And since I have way more hobbies than just phpBB, I decided to quit the phpBB Support Team. This would ensure they would have room for a more active member, and I would not feel the guilt and pressure of not having time to help people overthere.

Recently though, a new opportunity arose to still help a bit in the open source world. The dutch translation team of the Zend Framework documentation were looking for new members. I applied and got accepted. The good thing about this work is, that I can do the translating on the train to and from work.

I've had a wonderful time at phpBB and still love the people there. It's just time for me to move on. Ensure that I can be productive in the tasks I take on.