A man shot

As I do nearly every saturday, I left home yesterday afternoon to pick up my wife from work. She works in Amersfoort, and bus connections are not ideal. Plus, it's fun to walk through Amersfoort every once in a while.

Anyway, yesterday was different. I walked out of the parking garage walking my usual route towards the shop where my wife works, only to find myself blocked just around the corner by police. Lots of police. Just down the street, where I walk every week, a white but bloodstained blanket was covering someone, apparently dead.

At first, I was quite intrigued by something like this happening here, and truely to finally see this happen for real, with the dutch CSI in white coats searching for evidence, is a pretty thrilling experience.

But when you think on it a bit more, you realize what it is that you've seen. This is a street that I walk through every week at least once. What if this happened while I was walking there with Tomas on my arm, and the shooter had missed? Why would someone kill another person in the first place?! Especially when you hear (though this is not officially confirmed) that the motive behind this was an argument between two guys about a girl, you just can't grasp anymore why this happens. You don't kill over being dumped or cheated upon, right?

It really makes you think.