Dutch Bloggies

The Dutch Bloggies are the dutch version of the international weblog awards (Bloggies).

After some technical problems earlier, I've finally been able to nominate my favorite weblogs. Mind you, they're all dutch (though not all dutch-language) weblogs. Since I don't mind posting my nominations, here they are:

Best weblog Mijn Kop Thee Xiffy

Best written logs Marcel Hesseling Rommelhok

Best design The Net Is Dead

Best lifelog Jnnk

Best collective log Mijn Kop Thee

Best newcomer Denk soms na

Best music log File Under My Own Music Industry The Gone Wait

Best political log Denk soms na Robert Giesberts' Webboek Jan Marijnissen

Best photolog Yoda Milov

Best themelog Anne van Kesteren

I might've forgotten something, but I have some time left to fill in any blanks :)