RABCK.com update

Time has been a big problem in the past few months. I had enough time to write the basic setup of the BookCrossing-related website RABCK.com but never really had the time to look at some reported "bugs", mostly related to cookies that some browsers had a hard time to accept (or so it seems).

Anyway, in the hope of solving at least some of the problems coming from that, I just added a password reset functionality to the site. Some of the problems may for instance come because the randomly generated password was hard to remember. I still randomly generate passwords, but now people can also reset it to a new randomly generated password ;)

So let's hope this solves most of the problems. For other cookie related problems, I might look back to an earlier post and conclude that cookies in at least recent versions of Internet Explorer are quite buggy, so it may need some more digging to find a proper solution.