Saving time with LoudBlog

I have been planning to do some sort of radio show for my website for quite a while. One of my plans was to write a module for WebKoffer which handled this. But too little time and a bit of laziness always held me back. Yesterday, Chris Sisk pointed me towards , an open source PHP/MySQL weblog/CMS package that is meant especially for PodCasts (or AudioFeeds, if you don't want to use the Apple term too much). This sounded like a good solution, especially since you can also link to third party sites that hold mp3's, something that is quite useful in saving diskspace, especially with services like and And yes, I am quite impressed with LoudBlog. It's easy to install, and quite easy to manage your AudioFeed. Adding new files/posts is simple, and altering the layout to fit in with the rest of your site is also quite easy with the (XSLT-based?) template system. So yeah, I'm quite happy with it. Check it out at the Electronic Music World Radio.