So, for the past few days, Justus was at our place. He's travelling through Europe for months and we planned on meeting eachother while he was in The Netherlands. He ended up accepting our offer of a place to sleep for two nights. It was quite nice. Justus is a really cool guy. On friday, I picked him up at Amersfoort trainstation, and basically we just stayed at our place for the day. On saturday we went to Utrecht, to walk around, for Justus to take some pics, and to arrange a bed for him. He's gonna stay in Utrecht for a few days before travelling further. It was quite nice.

I'm gonna meet up with Justus in Amsterdam in a few days. On thursday, we'll be going to 5 days off to see Amon Tobin, maybe a bit of Funckarma, Speedy J (in 5.1 surround), Richard Devine (in 5.1 surround), Autechre, and then maybe check Luke Vibert for a bit. It's gonna be fun, that's for sure.