Wireless with TI on Linux

If you're running Linux and you have a wireless card based on the Texas Instruments chipsets, then you don't need to search for any Linux drivers for those cards. That's what I found out after purchasing a license for my D-Link wireless card from Linuxant. It seems that Linuxant has landed a deal with Texas Instruments, resulting in the free use of the Linuxant Driverloader software for users of TI-based wireless cards. Now that's what I call good service from TI. Also good service by Linuxant, by the way, who promptly refunded the license I bought.

If you're NOT using a TI-based card, however, the Linuxant Driverloader software is still a very good buy. I have it running on my laptop (Intel Pro Wireless 2200 card) and it works perfectly. And the installation was dead easy. Definately a well-spent $20.