Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux. A relatively new distribution in the Linux world, with a Gnome desktop. Being the lover of editting configuration files manually and such, I didn't think it was for me. When my wife wanted linux though, and she disliked Slackware because it wasn't intuitive enough for a new Linux user (can't blame her), Ubuntu was my first thought. I'd received a few installation cd's (you can order those for free!) and thought I'd give it a try.

Wow. I never thought I'd be impressed this much by a graphically oriented distribution. I mean, I also use X, but don't use Gnome or KDE because I don't need all the eyecandy, but this is good. Much better than, for instance, the default installation of Gnome that you get with Slackware, which was mainly what I was basing my opinion of Gnome on.

The menu's are very intuitive, and there's a lot of graphical configuration tools. Perfect for someone who has just left Windows for Linux. Very, very impressive. And maybe even more impressive is the great support. On the Ubuntu Forums you can already find answers to a lot of questions, simply by searching around a bit. I bumped into some minor issues, but had quickly found all the answers I needed.

Yes, Ubuntu is definately one of the best distributions, especially for people new to linux. There might be some minor flaws, but in general it definately works well and looks good.